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To Start a Program from Windows Explorer and Open a File
Previously, you learned how to start an Ofi ce program using the Start menu and the search box. Another way
start an Ofi ce program is to open an existing i le from Windows Explorer, which causes the program in which the
i le was created to start and then open the selected i le. The following steps, which assume Windows 7 is running,
use Windows Explorer to start the Excel Ofi ce program based on a typical installation. You may need to ask your
instructor how to start Ofi ce programs for your computer.
If necessary, display
the i le to open in
the folder window
in Windows Explorer
(shown in Figure 66
on the previous page).
Right-click the i le icon
Open command
or i le name (Brain
Busters, in this case)
to display a shortcut
menu (Figure 67).
i le to be
Figure 67
Name box with active
cell reference
Brain Busters
Click Open on the
shortcut menu to
open the selected i le
in the program used
to create the i le,
Microsoft Excel in this
case (Figure 68).
Restore Down and Restore
Window buttons replace
Maximize buttons when
program and worksheet
windows are maximized
heavy border
active cell (A1)
mouse pointer
If the program
heading L
window is not
click the Maximize
button on the title
bar to maximize the
cell E2
highlighted row and
column headings
indicate cell A1 is active
row heading 14
For Excel users, if the
scroll boxes
worksheet window in
Excel is not maximized,
click the worksheet
window Maximize
button to maximize
the worksheet
within Excel.
scroll bars
tab scrolling
sheet tabs
adjusts size
of displayed
status bar
view buttons; default
is normal view
scroll arrows
mode indicator
Figure 68
Instead of using Windows Explorer, can I start Excel using the same method shown previously
for Word and PowerPoint?
Yes, you can use any method of starting an Ofi ce program to start Excel.
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