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Formula Bar The formula bar appears below the Ribbon (Figure 69). As you type, Excel
displays the entry in the formula bar . You can make the formula bar larger by dragging
the sizing handle at the bottom of the formula bar or clicking the expand button to the
right of the formula bar. Excel also displays the active cell reference in the Name box on
the left side of the formula bar.
Expand Formula
Bar button
formula bar
sizing handle
formula bar
Name box
Figure 69
To Enter a Worksheet Title
To enter data into a cell, you i rst must select it. The easiest way to select a cell (make it active) is to use the
mouse to move the block plus sign mouse pointer to the cell and then click. An alternative method is to use the
arrow keys that are located just to the right of the typewriter keys on the keyboard. An arrow key selects the cell
adjacent to the active cell in the direction of the arrow on the key.
In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyphen (as in a telephone number), or space is considered
text. Tex t is used to place titles, such as worksheet titles, column titles, and row titles, on the worksheet. The
following steps enter the worksheet title in cell A1.
If it is not already the active cell,
click cell A1 to make it the active
cell (Figure 70).
heavy border
indicates cell
A1 selected
Figure 70
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