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Inbox –
title bar
number of unread
messages in blue
folder pane
To-Do Bar
Inbox folder
closed envelope
icon indicates
unread message
Reading Pane
Mail folder
opened envelope
icon indicates
message that has
been opened
Mail button
People Pane
Figure 82
Navigation Pane
message pane
message from
Mary Pat Harley
open in new
message header contains
message subject, sender’s name
and e-mail address, recipient’s
e-mail address, and other
information about message
contents of
selected message
in Reading Pane
Figure 83
Publisher is a powerful desktop publishing (DTP) program that assists you in
designing and producing professional-quality documents that combine text, graphics,
illustrations, and photos. DTP software provides additional tools beyond those typically
found in word processing programs, including design templates, graphic manipula-
tion tools, color schemes or libraries, advanced layout and printing tools, and Web
components. For large jobs, businesses use DTP software to design publications that
are camera ready, which means the i les are suitable for outside commercial printing.
In addition, DTP software can be used to create Web pages and interactive Web forms.
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