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Publisher is used by people who regularly produce high-quality color publications,
such as newsletters, brochures, l yers, logos, signs, catalogs, cards, and business forms.
Saving publications as Web pages or complete Web sites is a powerful component of
Publisher. All publications can be saved in a format that easily is viewed and manipulated
using a browser.
Publisher has many features designed to simplify production and make publications
visually appealing. Using Publisher, you easily can change the shape, size, and color of
text and graphics. You can include many kinds of graphical objects, including mastheads,
borders, tables, images, pictures, charts, and Web objects in publications, as well as
integrate spreadsheets and databases.
The Publisher Window On the right side of the Backstage view, Publisher displays the
New template gallery, which includes a list of publication types. Publication types are
typical publications used by desktop publishers. The more popular types are displayed in
the center of the window. Each publication type is a link to display various templates and
blank publications from which you may choose.
Once you select a publication type, the window changes to allow you to select a
specii c template (Figure 84). Some templates are installed with Publisher, and others are
available online. Clicking a publication type causes template previews to be displayed in
the center of the window. The templates are organized by purpose (for example, Sales)
and then alphabetically by design type. On the right, Publisher will display a larger
preview of the selected template, along with some customization options if the template is
installed or a download option if the template is online. In Figure 84, the installed Arrows
template is selected so that the customize options appear.
Starting Publisher
When you i rst start
Publisher, the New
templates gallery usually
is displayed in the
Backstage view. If it is not
displayed, click File on the
Ribbon, click Options in
the Backstage view, click
General (Options dialog
box), and then click Show
the New template gallery
when starting Publisher to
select the check box in the
General panel.
title bar
preview of
Customize area
for selected
Publisher program button
displayed on taskbar
Figure 84
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