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When you click the Create button, Publisher creates the document and sets it up
for you to edit. Figure 85 shows the Arrows document that Publisher creates when default
options are selected.
Page Navigation
hides or
of pages
page layout
Collapse Page Navigation
Pane button minimizes
Page Navigation pane
Page number button
displays current page
number and total
number of pages
Figure 85
OneNote is a note taking program that assists you in entering, saving, organizing,
searching, and using notes. It enables you to create pages, which are organized in sections,
just as in a physical notebook. In OneNote, you can type notes anywhere on a page
and then easily move the notes around on the page. You can create lists and outlines,
use handwriting to enter notes, and create drawings. If you use a Tablet PC to add
handwritten notes to a document, OneNote can convert the handwriting to text. It also
can perform searches on the handwritten entries. Pictures and data from other programs
easily are incorporated in your notes.
In addition to typing and handwriting, you can take audio notes. For example,
you could record conversations during a meeting or lecture. As you record, you can take
additional notes. When you play back the audio notes, you can synchronize the additional
notes you took; that is, OneNote will show you during playback the exact points at which
you added the notes. A variety of note l ags, which are symbols that call your attention to
notes on a page, enable you to l ag notes as being important. You then can use the Note
Flags summary to view the l agged notes, which can be sorted in a variety of ways.
OneNote includes tools to assist you with organizing a notebook and navigating
its contents. It also includes a search facility, making it easy to i nd the specii c notes in
which you are interested. For short notes that you always want to have available readily,
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