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Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files
To Rename a File
In some circumstances, you may want to change the name of, or rename, a i le or a folder. For example, you
may want to distinguish a i le in one folder or drive from a copy of a similar i le, or you may decide to rename a i le
to better identify its contents. The Word folder shown in Figure 87 contains the Word document, Koala Exhibit.
The following steps change the name of the Koala Exhibit i le in the Word folder to Koala Exhibit Flyer.
folder window opened
in Windows Explorer
If necessary, click the Windows
Explorer program button on
the taskbar to display the folder
window in Windows Explorer.
Navigate to the location of the i le
to be renamed (in this case, the
Word folder in the CIS 101 [or your
class folder] folder on the USB
l ash drive) to display the i le(s)
it contains in the right pane.
Word i le
shortcut menu
Right-click the Koala Exhibit icon or
i le name in the right pane to select
the Koala Exhibit i le and display
a shortcut menu that presents a
list of commands related to i les
(Figure 87).
contents of
Word folder
Rename command
Word folder
Figure 87
Click Rename on the shortcut menu
to place the current i le name in a
text box.
Koala Exhibit Flyer
in the text box and then press the
ENTER key (Figure 88).
Are any risks involved in renaming
i les that are located on a hard disk?
If you inadvertently rename a
i le that is associated with certain
programs, the programs may not be
able to i nd the i le and, therefore,
may not execute properly. Always
use caution when renaming i les.
i le name
Can I rename a i le when it is open?
No, a i le must be closed to change
the i le name.
Figure 88
Other Ways
1. Select i le, press F2 ,
type new i le name,
press ENTER
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