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Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files
To Move a File
At some time, you may want to move a i le from one folder, called the source folder, to another, called the
destination. When you move a i le, it no longer appears in the original folder. If the destination and the source
folders are on the same disk drive, you can move a i le by dragging it. If the folders are on different disk drives, then
you will need to right-drag the i le. The following step moves the Brain Busters Rental Summary i le from the Excel
folder to the OneNote folder.
In Windows Explorer, navigate to
the location of the i le to be moved
(in this case, the Excel folder in the
CIS 101 folder [or your class folder]
on the USB l ash drive).
Excel folder
Click the Excel folder in the
navigation pane to display the
i les it contains in the right pane
(Figure 89).
Excel i le to
be moved
Drag the Brain Busters Rental
Summary i le in the right pane
to the OneNote folder in the
navigation pane.
contents of
Excel folder
Excel folder
i le dragged to
OneNote folder
Figure 89
Other Ways
1. Right-click i le, drag i le
to destination folder, click
Move here
2. Right-click i le to copy,
click Cut on shortcut menu,
right-click destination
folder, click Paste on
shortcut menu
3. Select i le to copy, press
CTRL + X , select destination
folder, press CTRL + V
To Delete a File
A i nal task you may want to perform is to delete a i le. Exercise extreme caution when deleting a i le or i les.
When you delete a i le from a hard disk, the deleted i le is stored in the Recycle Bin where you can recover it until
you empty the Recycle Bin. If you delete a i le from removable media, such as a USB l ash drive, the i le is deleted
permanently. The next steps delete the Koala Exhibit Gala i le from the PowerPoint folder.
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