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Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files
In Windows Explorer, navigate to
the location of the i le to be deleted
(in this case, the PowerPoint folder
in the CIS 101 folder [or your class
folder] on the USB l ash drive).
Click the PowerPoint folder in the
navigation pane to display the i les
it contains in the right pane.
PowerPoint i le
Right-click the Koala Exhibit Gala
icon or i le name in the right pane
to select the i le and display a
shortcut menu (Figure 90).
contents of
Delete command
PowerPoint folder
Figure 90
Click Delete on the shortcut menu
Delete File
dialog box
to display the Delete File dialog box
(Figure 91).
Click the Yes button (Delete
File dialog box) to delete the
selected i le.
Can I use this same technique to
delete a folder?
Yes. Right-click the folder and then
click Delete on the shortcut menu.
When you delete a folder, all of
the i les and folders contained
in the folder you are deleting,
together with any i les and folders
on lower hierarchical levels, are
deleted as well.
Yes button
Figure 91
Other Ways
1. Select icon, press DELETE
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