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Microsoft Office and Windows Help
Microsoft Ofi ce and Windows Help
At any time while you are using one of the Microsoft Ofi ce 2010 programs, you can
use Ofi ce Help to display information about all topics associated with the program.
To illustrate the use of Ofi ce Help, this section uses Word. Help in other Ofi ce 2010
programs operates in a similar fashion.
In Ofi ce 2010, Help is presented in a window that has Web-browser-style
navigation buttons. Each Ofi ce 2010 program has its own Help home page, which is the
starting Help page that is displayed in the Help window. If your computer is connected to
the Internet, the contents of the Help page rel ect both the local help i les installed on the
computer and material from Microsoft’s Web site.
To Open the Help Window in an Ofi ce Program
The following step opens the Word Help window.
Word Help
Word Help
Start an Ofi ce program, in this
case Word.
Click the Ofi ce program’s Help
button near the upper-right corner
of the program window (the
Microsoft Word Help button, in this
case) to open the program’s Help
window (Figure 92).
Figure 92
Other Ways
1. Press F1
Moving and Resizing Windows
Up to this point, this chapter has used minimized and maximized windows.
At times, however, it is useful, or even necessary, to have more than one window open
and visible on the screen at the same time. You can resize and move these open windows
so that you can view different areas of and elements in the window. In the case of the
Help window, for example, it could be covering document text in the Word window that
you need to see.
To Move a Window by Dragging
You can move any open window that is not maximized to another location on the desktop by dragging the title
bar of the window. The following step drags the Word Help window to the top left of the desktop.
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