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Microsoft Office and Windows Help
mouse pointer
on title bar
Drag the window title bar (the
Word Help window title bar, in this
case) so that the window
moves to the top left of the
desktop, as shown in Figure 93.
title bar
Word Help
drag bottom
corner to resize
Other Ways
1. Right-click title bar,
click Move on shortcut
menu, drag window
Figure 93
To Resize a Window by Dragging
Sometimes, information is not visible completely in a window. A method used to change the size of the window is
to drag the window borders. The following step changes the size of the Word Help window by dragging its borders.
Point to the lower-right corner
of the window (the Word Help
window, in this case) until the
mouse pointer changes to a
two-headed arrow.
Drag the bottom border downward
to display more of the active
window (Figure 94).
Can I drag other borders on the
window to enlarge or shrink the
Yes, you can drag the left, right, and
top borders and any window corner
to resize a window.
Word Help
Will Windows 7 remember the new
size of the window after I close it?
Yes. When you reopen the window,
Windows 7 will display it at the
same size it was when you closed it.
mouse pointer
indicates resizing
Figure 94
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