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Obtaining Help while Working in an Ofi ce Program
Help in the Ofi ce programs provides you with the ability to obtain help directly,
without the need to open the Help window and initiate a search. For example, you may
be unsure about how a particular command works, or you may be presented with a dialog
box that you are not sure how to use.
Figure 102 shows one option for obtaining help while working in Word. If you want
to learn more about a command, point to the command button and wait for the Enhanced
ScreenTip to appear. If the Help icon appears in the Enhanced ScreenTip, press the f 1 key
while pointing to the command to open the Help window associated with that command.
Clear Formatting
Help button
in Enhanced
Figure 102
Figure 103 shows a dialog box that contains a Help button. Pressing the f 1 key
while the dialog box is displayed opens a Help window. The Help window contains help
about that dialog box, if available. If no help i le is available for that particular dialog box,
then the main Help window opens.
Help button
in dialog box
Figure 103
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