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Using Windows Help and Support
One of the more powerful Windows 7 features is Windows Help and Support.
Windows Help and Support is available when using Windows 7 or when using any
Microsoft program running under Windows 7. This feature is designed to assist you in
using Windows 7 or the various programs. Table 4 describes the content found in the
Help and Support Center. The same methods used for searching Microsoft Ofi ce Help
can be used in Windows Help and Support. The difference is that Windows Help and
Support displays help for Windows 7, instead of for Microsoft Ofi ce.
Table 4 Windows Help and Support Center Content Areas
Find an answer quickly
This area contains instructions about how to do a quick search using the search box.
Not sure where to
This area displays three topics to help guide a user: How to get started with your
computer, Learn about Windows Basics, and Browse Help topics. Clicking one of the
options navigates to corresponding Help and Support pages.
More on the Windows
This area contains links to online content from the Windows Web site. Clicking the links
navigates to the corresponding Web pages on the Web site.
To Start Windows Help and Support
The following steps start Windows Help and Support and display the Windows Help and Support window,
containing links to more information about Windows 7.
Click the Start button on the
taskbar to display the Start menu
(Figure 104).
Why are the programs that are
displayed on the Start menu
Windows adds the programs you
have used recently to the left pane
on the Start menu. You have started
several programs while performing
the steps in this chapter, so those
programs now are displayed on the
Start menu.
Start menu
Help and
Figure 104
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