Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter Summary
Help box
Windows Help
and Support
Click Help and Support on the Start
menu to open the Windows Help
and Support window (Figure 105).
and Support window, click the Close
button to quit Windows Help and
After reviewing the Windows Help
Not sure where
to start? area
More on the
website area
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + ESC , press
2. Press WINDOWS + F1
Figure 105
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you learned about the Windows 7 interface. You started Windows 7, were introduced to the
components of the desktop, and learned several mouse operations. You opened, closed, moved, resized, minimized,
maximized, and scrolled a window. You used folder windows to expand and collapse drives and folders, display drive
and folder contents, create folders, and rename and then delete a i le.
You also learned some basic features of some Microsoft Ofi ce 2010 programs, including Word, PowerPoint,
Excel, and Access. As part of this learning process, you discovered the common elements that exist among these
different Ofi ce programs. You now can save basic document, presentation, spreadsheet, and database i les. Additional
Ofi ce programs, including Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote also were discussed.
Microsoft Ofi ce Help was demonstrated, and you learned how to use the Ofi ce Help window. You were
introduced to the Windows 7 Help and Support Center and learned how to use it to obtain more information about
Windows 7.
The items listed below include all of the new Windows 7 and Ofi ce 2010 skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Log On to the Computer (OFF 6)
2. Start a Program Using the Start Menu (OFF 10)
3. Maximize a Window (OFF 12)
4. Display a Different Tab on the Ribbon (OFF 16)
5. Minimize, Display, and Restore the Ribbon (OFF 17)
6. Display and Use a Shortcut Menu (OFF 18)
7. Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (OFF 19)
8. Enter Text in a Document (OFF 20)
9. Create a Folder (OFF 22)
10. Create a Folder within a Folder (OFF 24)
11. Expand a Folder, Scroll through Folder Contents,
and Collapse a Folder (OFF 26)
12. Switch from One Program to Another (OFF 27)
13. Save a File in a Folder (OFF 27)
14. Minimize and Restore a Window (OFF 30)
15. Change the Screen Resolution (OFF 33)
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