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In the Lab
Lab 2: Creating Folders for a Pet Supply Store
Problem: Your friend works for Pete’s Pet Supplies. He would like to organize his i les in relation to
the types of pets available in the store. He has i ve main categories: dogs, cats, i sh, birds, and exotic.
You are to create a folder structure similar to Figure 110.
Instructions: Perform the following tasks:
1. Connect a USB l ash drive to an available USB port and then open the USB l ash drive window.
2. Create the main folder for Pete’s Pet Supplies.
3. Navigate to the Pete’s Pet Supplies folder.
4. Within the Pete’s Pet Supplies folder,
create a folder for each of the following:
Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, and Exotic.
5. Within the Exotic folder, create two
additional folders, one for Primates and
the second for Reptiles.
6. Submit the assignment in the format
specii ed by your instructor.
Pete’s Pet
Figure 110
In the Lab
Lab 3: Creating Ofi ce Documents
Problem: You are taking a class that requires you to create a Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access i le.
You will save these i les to folders named for four different Ofi ce programs (Figure 111).
Instructions: Create the folders shown in Figure 111. Then,
using the respective Ofi ce program, create a small i le to save
in each folder (i.e., create a Word document to save in the
Word folder, a PowerPoint presentation to save in the
PowerPoint folder, and so on).
1. Connect a USB l ash drive to an available USB port and
then open the USB l ash drive window.
2. Create the folder structure shown in Figure 111.
3. Navigate to the Word folder.
4. Create a Word document containing the text, My First Word Document, and then save it in the
Word folder.
5. Navigate to the PowerPoint folder.
6. Create a PowerPoint presentation containing the title text, My First PowerPoint Presentation, and
then save it in the PowerPoint folder.
7. Navigate to the Excel folder.
Office 2010
Figure 111
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