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Cases and Places
In the Lab continued
8. Create an Excel spreadsheet containing the text, My First Excel Spreadsheet, in cell A1 and then
save it in the Excel folder.
9. Navigate to the Access folder.
10. Save an Access database named, My First Database, in the Access folder.
11. Close all open Ofi ce programs.
12. Submit the assignment in the format specii ed by your instructor.
Cases and Places
Apply your creative thinking and problem solving skills to design and implement a solution.
Note: To complete these assignments, you may be required to use the Data Files for Students. See the
inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact
your instructor for information about accessing the required i les.
1: Creating Beginning Files for Classes
You are taking the following classes: Introduction to Engineering, Beginning Psychology, Introduction
to Biology, and Accounting. Create folders for each of the classes. Use the following folder names:
Engineering, Psychology, Biology, and Accounting, when creating the folder structure. In the
Engineering folder, use Word to create a Word document with the name of the class and the class
meeting location and time (MW 10:30 – 11:45, Room 317). In the Psychology folder, use PowerPoint
to create your i rst lab presentation. It should begin with a title slide containing the text, Behavioral
Observations. In the Biology folder, save a database named Research in the Biology folder. In the
Accounting folder, create an Excel spreadsheet with the text, Tax Information, in cell A1. Use the
concepts and techniques presented in this chapter to create the folders and i les.
2: Using Help
Your parents enjoy working and playing games on their home computers. Your mother uses a notebook
computer downstairs, and your father uses a desktop computer upstairs. They expressed interest in
sharing i les between their computers and sharing a single printer, so you offered to research various
home networking options. Start Windows Help and Support, and search Help using the keywords, home
networking. Use the link for installing a printer on a home network. Start Word and then type the main
steps for installing a printer. Use the link for setting up a HomeGroup and then type the main steps
for creating a HomeGroup in the Word document. Use the concepts and techniques presented in this
chapter to use Help and create the Word document.
3: Creating Folders
Your boss at the bookstore where you work part-time has asked for help with organizing her i les. After
looking through the i les, you decided upon a i le structure for her to use, including the following fold-
ers: books, magazines, tapes, DVDs, and general merchandise. Within the books folder, create folders
for hardback and paperback books. Within magazines, create folders for special issues and periodicals.
In the tapes folder, create folders for celebrity and major release. In the DVDs folder, create a folder for
book to DVD. In the general merchandise folder, create folders for novelties, posters, and games. Use
the concepts and techniques presented in this chapter to create the folders.
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