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Document with Pictures
To advertise a sale, promote a business, publicize an event, or convey a message to the
community, you may want to create a l yer and hand it out in person or post it in a public
location. Libraries, schools, religious organizations, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other
places often provide bulletin boards or windows for l yers. These l yers announce personal
items for sale or rent (car, boat, apartment); garage or block sales; services being offered
(animal care, housecleaning, lessons); membership, sponsorship, or donation requests
(club, religious organization, charity); and other messages such as a lost or found pet.
Project Planning
The process of developing a document that communicates specii c information requires
careful analysis and planning. As a starting point, establish why the document is needed.
Once the purpose is determined, analyze the intended readers of the document and their
unique needs. Then, gather information about the topic and decide what to include in the
document. Finally, determine the document design and style that will be most successful at
delivering the message. Details of these guidelines are provided in Appendix A. In addition,
each project in this topic provides practical applications of these planning considerations.
Project — Flyer with Pictures
Individuals and businesses create l yers to gain public attention. Flyers, which usually are
a single page in length, are an inexpensive means of reaching the community. Many l yers,
however, go unnoticed because they are designed poorly.
The project in this chapter follows general guidelines and uses Word to create the
l yer shown in Figure 1–1. This colorful, eye-catching l yer announces that a dog has been
found. The pictures of the dog, taken with a camera phone, entice passersby to stop and
look at the l yer. The headline on the l yer is large and colorful to draw attention into the
text. The body copy below the pictures briel y describes where and when the dog was found,
along with a bulleted list that concisely highlights important identifying information. The
signature line of the l yer calls attention to the contact phone number. The dog’s name,
Bailey, and signature line are in a different color so that they stand apart from the rest of
the text on the l yer. Finally, the graphical page border nicely frames and complements the
contents of the l yer.
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