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Entering Text
To Type Text
To begin creating the l yer in this chapter, type the headline in the document window. The following steps
type this i rst line of text in the document.
Home tab
Found Dog
as the headline
(Figure 1–2).
What if I make an
error while typing?
You can press the
BACKSPACE key until
you have deleted
the text in error and
then retype the text
View Ruler
button shows
or hides rulers
Normal style automatically
selected when you i rst
install Word
Styles group
insertion point
moves to the
right as you type
text typed
mouse pointer’s shape changes
depending on task you are
performing in Word and
pointer’s location on screen
Why did the Spelling
and Grammar Check
icon appear on the
status bar?
When you begin
typing text, the
Spelling and Grammar
Check icon appears
on the status bar with
an animated pencil
writing on paper to
indicate that Word is
checking for spelling
and grammar errors.
When you stop typing,
the pencil changes to
a blue check mark (no
errors) or a red X (potential errors found). Word l ags potential errors in the document
with a red, green, or blue wavy underline. Later in this chapter, you will learn how to i x l agged errors.
Note: To help you
locate screen elements
that are referenced in
the step instructions,
such as buttons and
commands, this topic
uses red boxes to
point to these screen
Spelling and Grammar
Check icon contains a blue
check mark, indicating the
entered text contains no
spelling or grammar errors
number of
words in
Print Layout button
automatically selected when
you i rst install Word
Zoom slider
Figure 1–2
Press the
ENTER key to move the
insertion point to the beginning of
the next line (Figure 1– 3).
Why did blank space appear
between the headline and the
insertion point?
Each time you press the ENTER key,
Word creates a new paragraph and
inserts blank space between the two
paragraphs. Later in this chapter,
you will learn how to adjust the
spacing between paragraphs.
blank space
inserted between
insertion point
moved to next line
Figure 1–3
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