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Entering Text
Wordwrap allows you to type words in a paragraph continually without pressing
the enter key at the end of each line. As you type, if a word extends beyond the right
margin, Word also automatically positions that word on the next line along with the
insertion point.
Word creates a new paragraph each time you press the enter key. Thus, as you
type text in the document window, do not press the enter key when the insertion point
reaches the right margin. Instead, press the enter key only in these circumstances:
1. To insert a blank line(s) in a document (as shown in the steps on the previous page)
2. To begin a new paragraph
3. To terminate a short line of text and advance to the next line
4. To respond to questions or prompts in Word dialog boxes, task panes, and other
on-screen objects
The Ribbon and Screen
Word may change how
the groups and buttons
within the groups appear
on the Ribbon, depending
on the computer’s screen
resolution. Thus, your
Ribbon may look different
from the ones in this topic
if you are using a screen
resolution other than
To Wordwrap Text as You Type
The next step in creating the l yer is to type the body copy. The following step illustrates how the body copy
text wordwraps as you enter it in the document.
Type the i rst sentence of the body
copy: Adorable, loving,
friendly, well-behaved
dog found early Friday
morning, June 1,
wandering on the bike
trail at Filcher Park
in Hampton Township.
Why does my document wrap
on different words?
The printer connected
to a computer is one
factor that can control
where wordwrap
occurs for each line in
a document. Thus, it
is possible that the same document
could wordwrap differently if
printed on different printers.
ENTER key not
pressed when
right margin
i rst sentence
of body copy
the word, trail, could
not i t at end of
previous line, so it
wrapped to beginning
of this line
insertion point and
paragraph mark moved
to next line because
ENTER key was pressed
Press the
ENTER key to position the
insertion point on the next line in
the document (Figure 1– 6).
Figure 1–6
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