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Entering Text
Right-click the l agged word
(paches, in this case) to display a
shortcut menu that presents a list of
suggested spelling corrections for
the l agged word (Figure 1– 8).
Mini toolbar
automatically appears
when you right-click text
list of suggested
corrections for
l agged word
What if, when I right-click the
misspelled word, my desired
correction is not in the list on the
shortcut menu?
You can click outside the shortcut
menu to close the shortcut menu
and then retype the correct word,
or you can click Spelling on the
shortcut menu to display the
Spelling dialog box. Chapter 2
discusses the Spelling dialog box.
word, patches,
to be selected
insertion point in
right-clicked word
Ignore All
What if a l agged word actually is,
for example, a proper name and
spelled correctly?
Right-click it and then click Ignore
All on the shortcut menu to instruct
Word not to l ag future occurrences
of the same word in this document.
Figure 1–8
to replace the misspelled word
in the document with a correctly
spelled word (Figure 1– 9).
Click patches on the shortcut menu
l agged word
replaced with
word selected on
shortcut menu
Spelling and Grammar Check
icon now shows blue check
mark because no errors are
l agged in document
Figure 1–9
Other Ways
1. Click Spelling and
Grammar Check icon on
status bar, click desired
word on shortcut menu
Character Widths
Many word processing
documents use variable
character fonts, where
some characters are wider
than others; for example,
the letter w is wider than
the letter i.
To Enter More Text
In the l yer, the text yet to be entered includes the remainder of the body copy,
which will be formatted as a bulleted list, and the signature line. The next steps enter the
remainder of text in the l yer.
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