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Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
document before
document after
Figure 1-11 (a) Unformatted Document
Figure 1-11 (b) Formatted Document
Identify how to format various elements of the text.
By formatting the characters and paragraphs in a document, you can improve its overall
appearance. In a l yer, consider the following formatting suggestions.
Increase the font size of characters.
Flyers usually are posted on a bulletin board or in
a window. Thus, the font size should be as large as possible so that passersby easily can
read the l yer. To give the headline more impact, its font size should be larger than the
font size of the text in the body copy. If possible, make the font size of the signature line
larger than the body copy but smaller than the headline.
Change the font of characters.
Use fonts that are easy to read. Try to use only two
different fonts in a l yer, for example, one for the headline and the other for all other
text. Too many fonts can make the l yer visually confusing.
Change paragraph alignment.
The default alignment for paragraphs in a document is
left-aligned , that is, l ush at the left margin of the document with uneven right edges.
Consider changing the alignment of some of the paragraphs to add interest and variety
to the l yer.
Highlight key paragraphs with bullets.
A bulleted paragraph is a paragraph that begins
with a dot or other symbol. Use bulleted paragraphs to highlight important points in a l yer.
Emphasize important words.
To call attention to certain words or lines, you can underline
them, italicize them, or bold them. Use these formats sparingly, however, because
overuse will minimize their effect and make the l yer look too busy.
Use color.
Use colors that complement each other and convey the meaning of the l yer.
Vary colors in terms of hue and brightness. Headline colors, for example, can be bold and
bright. Signature lines should stand out more than body copy but less than headlines.
Keep in mind that too many colors can detract from the l yer and make it difi cult to read.
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