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To Change the Case of Selected Text
The headline currently shows the i rst letter in each word capitalized, which sometimes is referred to as initial
cap. To draw more attention to the headline, you would like the entire line of text to be capitalized, or in uppercase
letters. The following steps change the headline to uppercase.
Home tab
Change Case
With the text selected, click the
Change Case button (Home tab |
Font group) to display the Change
Case gallery (Figure 1–20).
Change Case gallery
visually shows the
function of each option
Font box displays
font of selected
text, which is Arial
Rounded MT Bold
Font group
to be selected
text remains
Figure 1–20
UPPERCASE in the Change Case
gallery to change the case of the
selected text (Figure 1–21).
What if a ruler appears on the
screen or the mouse pointer shape
Depending on the position of
your mouse pointer and locations
you click on the screen, a ruler
may automatically appear or
the mouse pointer shape may
change. Simply move the mouse
and the ruler should disappear
and/or the mouse pointer shape
will change.
mouse pointer shape
changes when mouse
pointer is in this area
ScreenTip indicates
purpose of this mouse
pointer shape
text changed
to uppercase
Figure 1–21
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected text,
click Font on shortcut
menu, click Font tab
(Font dialog box), select
All caps in Effects area,
click OK button
2. Click Font Dialog Box
Launcher (Home tab |
Font group), click Font tab
(Font dialog box), select
All caps in Effects area,
click OK button
3. Press SHIFT + F3 repeatedly
until text is desired case
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