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Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
To Shade a Paragraph
To make the headline of the l yer more eye-catching, you would like to shade it. When you shade text, Word
colors the rectangular area behind any text or graphics. If the text to shade is a paragraph, Word shades the area from
the left margin to the right margin of the current paragraph. To shade a paragraph, place the insertion point in the
paragraph. To shade any other text, you must i rst select the text to be shaded. This l yer uses brown as the shading
color for the headline. The following steps shade a paragraph.
Home tab
Click somewhere in the paragraph
button arrow
Shading button
to be shaded (in this case, the
headline) to position the insertion
point in the paragraph to be
Click the Shading button arrow
Shading gallery
displays a list
of available
shading colors
(Home tab | Paragraph group)
to display the Shading gallery
(Figure 1–24).
What if I click the Shading button
by mistake?
Click the Shading button arrow and
proceed with Step 2.
text effect
applied to
insertion point
in paragraph
to be shaded
Figure 1–24
Point to Orange, Accent 6, Darker
50% (rightmost color in the sixth
row) to display a live preview of the
selected shading color (Figure 1–25).
Point to various colors in the
current paragraph shows
live preview of color to
which you are pointing in
Shading gallery
mouse pointer on
Orange, Accent 6,
Darker 50% color
Shading gallery and watch the
shading color of the current
paragraph change.
insertion point disappears
temporarily while you use
live preview
Figure 1–25
Click Orange, Accent 6, Darker 50% to shade the current paragraph.
What if I apply a dark shading color to dark text?
When the font color of text is Automatic, it usually is black. If you select a dark shading color,
Word automatically may change the text color to white so that the shaded text is easier to read.
Other Ways
1. Click Border button arrow
(Home tab | Paragraph
group), click Borders and
Shading, click Shading
tab (Borders and Shading
dialog box), click Fill box
arrow, select desired
color, click OK button
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