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Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
With the text selected, click the Font Size box arrow (Home tab | Font group) to display the
Font Size gallery.
Click 22 in the Font Size gallery to increase the font size of the selected text.
Click anywhere in the document window to remove the selection from the text.
If necessary, scroll so that you can see all the text on the screen (Figure 1–28).
Font Size
box arrow
Home tab
Font group
Formatting Marks
With some fonts,
formatting marks do not
display properly on the
screen. For example, the
raised dot that signii es
a blank space between
words may be displayed
behind a character instead
of in the blank space,
causing the characters to
look incorrect.
font size
to 22
Figure 1–28
To Bullet a List of Paragraphs
The next step is to format as a bulleted list the three paragraphs of identifying information that are above the
signature line in the l yer. A bulleted list is a series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character.
To format a list of paragraphs with bullets, you i rst must select all the lines in the paragraphs. The following
steps bullet a list of paragraphs.
Move the mouse pointer to the left
of the i rst paragraph to be selected
until the mouse pointer
changes to a right-pointing
block arrow.
three paragraphs
to be formatted
with bullets are
Drag downward until all
paragraphs that will be
formatted with a bullet character
are selected (Figure 1–29).
mouse pointer
Figure 1–29
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