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Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
To Italicize Text
The next step is to italicize the dog’s name, Bailey, in the l yer to further emphasize it. Italicized text has a
slanted appearance. As with a single paragraph, if you want to format a single word, you do not need to select it.
Simply position the insertion point somewhere in the word and apply the desired format. The following step formats
a word in italics.
Home tab
Click somewhere in the word to
be italicized (Bailey, in this case) to
position the insertion point in the
word to be formatted.
Click the Italic button (Home tab |
Font group) to italicize the word
containing the insertion point
(Figure 1– 32).
How would I remove an italic
You would click the Italic button a
second time, or you immediately
could click the Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar or press CTRL + Z .
Font group
Italic button
insertion point in word
to be formatted
How can I tell what formatting has
been applied to text?
The selected buttons and boxes on the Home tab show formatting characteristics of the
location of the insertion point. With the insertion point in the word, Bailey, the Home tab
shows these formats: 22-point Calibri italic font, bulleted paragraph.
Figure 1–32
Other Ways
1. Click Italic button on Mini
2. Right-click selected text,
click Font on shortcut
menu, click Font tab
(Font dialog box), click
Italic in Font style list,
click OK button
3. Click Font Dialog Box
Launcher (Home tab |
Font group), click Font
tab (Font dialog box),
click Italic in Font style
list, click OK button
4. Press CTRL + I
Use color.
When choosing color, associate the meaning of color to your message:
Red expresses danger, power, or energy, and often is associated with sports or physical
Brown represents simplicity, honesty, and dependability.
Orange denotes success, victory, creativity, and enthusiasm.
Yellow suggests sunshine, happiness, hope, liveliness, and intelligence.
Green symbolizes growth, healthiness, harmony, blooming, and healing, and often is
associated with safety or money.
Blue indicates integrity, trust, importance, coni dence, and stability.
For a complete list of the
Q&As found in many of
the step-by-step sequences
in this topic, visit the Word
2010 Q&A Web page
Purple represents wealth, power, comfort, extravagance, magic, mystery, and spirituality.
White stands for purity, goodness, cleanliness, precision, and perfection.
Black suggests authority, strength, elegance, power, and prestige.
Gray conveys neutrality and thus often is found in backgrounds and other effects.
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