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Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
To Bold Text
Bold characters appear somewhat thicker and darker than those that are not bold. To further emphasize
the signature line, it is bold in the l yer. To format the line, as you have learned previously, you select the line i rst.
The following steps format the signature line bold.
Home tab
Bold button
of the line to be selected (in this
case, the signature line) until the
mouse pointer changes to a right-
pointing block arrow and then click
the mouse to select the text to be
Move the mouse pointer to the left
With the text selected, click the Bold
button (Home tab | Font group) to
bold the selected text (Figure 1– 41).
How would I remove a bold format?
You would click the Bold button a
second time, or you immediately
could click the Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar.
Click anywhere in the document
window to remove the selection
from the screen.
selected text
formatted bold
Figure 1– 41
Other Ways
1. Click Bold button on
Mini toolbar
2. Right-click selected text,
click Font on shortcut
menu, click Font tab
(Font dialog box), click
Bold in Font style list,
click OK button
3. Click Font Dialog Box
Launcher (Home tab |
Font group), click Font
tab (Font dialog box),
click Bold in Font style
list, click OK button
4. Press CTRL + B
To Change Theme Colors
A color scheme in Word is a document theme that identii es 12 complementary colors for text, background,
accents, and links in a document. With more than 20 predei ned color schemes, Word provides a simple way to select
colors that work well together.
In the l yer, you want all the colors to convey honesty, dependability, and healing, that is, shades of browns
and greens. In Word, the Aspect color scheme uses these colors. Thus, you will change the color scheme from the
default, Ofi ce, to Aspect. The next steps change theme colors.
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