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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Word Document
Insert Picture
dialog box
Chapter 01 folder in Word
folder in Data Files for
Students folder selected
Navigate to the picture
location (in this case,
the Chapter 01 folder
in the Word folder
in the Data Files for
Students folder on a
USB l ash drive). For
a detailed example
of this procedure,
refer to Steps 3a – 3c
in the To Save a File
in a Folder section in
the Ofi ce 2010 and
Windows 7 chapter
at the beginning
of this topic.
picture i le
USB l ash drive is
selected device
icons show pictures
from Data Files for
Students on USB
l ash drive (your list
may differ)
to select the i le
(Figure 1– 45).
What if the picture
is not on a USB l ash
Use the same process,
but select the storage location containing the picture.
Click Dog Picture 1
Data Files for
Students folder
Insert button
Figure 1– 45
Picture Tools Format
tab automatically
appears when
graphic is selected
in document
Click the Insert button
Shape Height and
Shape Width boxes
show height and
width of currently
selected graphic
(Insert Picture dialog
box) to insert the
picture at the location
of the insertion point
in the document
(Figure 1– 46).
What are the symbols
around the picture?
A selected graphic
appears surrounded
by a selection
rectangle , which
has small
and circles,
handles , at
each corner
and middle
groups on Ribbon change
to show commands related
to formatting pictures,
because Picture Tools
Format tab now is the
active tab
picture inserted in
document at location of
insertion point, which was
in a centered paragraph
sizing handles
rest of picture and
remaining text no longer
i t in document window —
your screen may scroll
differently depending on
your monitor and settings
Figure 1– 46
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