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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Word Document
To Zoom the Document
The next step is to reduce the size of the picture so that both pictures will i t side-by-side on the same line.
With the current picture size, the l yer now has expanded to two pages. The i nal l yer, however, should i t on a
single page. In Word, you can change the zoom so that you can see the entire document (that is, both pages) on the
screen at once. Seeing the entire document at once helps you determine the appropriate size for the picture. The
following step zooms the document.
Repeatedly click
document is now
two pages because
picture is so large
the Zoom Out and
Zoom In buttons on
the status bar and
watch the size of the
document change
in the document
Click the Zoom Out
or Zoom In button
as many times as
necessary until the
Zoom button on the
status bar displays
50% on its face
(Figure 1– 47).
picture still selected
Zoom Out
Zoom In
document shown
at 50% zoom
Figure 1– 47
clicking Zoom
button would
display Zoom
dialog box
Zoom slider
If I change the zoom percentage, will the document print differently?
Changing the zoom has no effect on the printed document.
Are there predei ned zoom options?
Yes. Through the View tab | Zoom group or the Zoom dialog box, you can zoom to one
page, two pages, many pages, page width, text width, and a variety of set percentages.
Page width zoom places the edges of the page at the edges of the Word window, whereas
Text width zoom places the contents of the page at the edges of the Word window.
Other Ways
1. Drag Zoom slider on
status bar
2. Click Zoom button on
status bar, select desired
zoom percent or type
(Zoom dialog box), click
OK button
3. Click Zoom button (View
tab | Zoom group), select
desired zoom percent or
type (Zoom dialog box),
click OK button
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