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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Word Document
To Resize a Graphic
The next step is to resize the picture so that both pictures will i t side-by-side on the same line below the
headline. Resizing includes both enlarging and reducing the size of a graphic. In this l yer, you will reduce the size
of the picture. With the entire document displayed in the document window, you will be able to see how the resized
graphic will look on the entire page. The following steps resize a selected graphic.
With the graphic still selected, point
to the upper-right corner sizing
handle on the picture so that the
mouse pointer shape changes to a
two-headed arrow (Figure 1– 48).
What if my graphic (picture) is not
To select a graphic, click it.
mouse pointer
shape changes
to two-headed
arrow when
positioned on
sizing handle
Figure 1– 48
Drag the sizing handle diagonally
inward until the crosshair mouse
pointer is positioned approximately
as shown in Figure 1– 49.
the graphic, which in this case
should have a height of about 2.74"
and a width of about 2.73".
How can I see the height and width
Look in the Size group on the Picture
Tools Format tab to see the height
and width measurements of the
currently selected graphic (shown in
Figure 1– 46 on page WD 32).
Release the mouse button to resize
as you drag a
corner sizing
handle, Word
changes mouse
pointer to a
crosshair shape
transparent image of
how the graphic will
look at proposed size
appears in document
What if the graphic is the wrong
Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3; or enter
the desired height and width values
in the Shape Height and Shape
Width boxes (Picture Tools Format
tab | Size group).
Figure 1– 49
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