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Inserting and Formatting Pictures in a Word Document
To Resize a Graphic by Entering Exact Measurements
The next step is to resize the second picture so that it is the exact same size as the i rst picture. The height and
width measurements of the i rst graphic are approximately 2.74" and 2.73", respectively. When a graphic is selected,
its height and width measurements show in the Size group of the Picture Tools Format tab. The following steps
resize a selected graphic by entering its desired exact measurements.
Picture Tools
Format tab
With the second graphic still
selected, click the Shape Height
box (Picture Tools Format tab | Size
group) to select the contents in the
box and then type 2.74 as
the height.
value entered in Shape
Height box may change
slightly to preserve
Size group
What if the Picture Tools Format
tab no longer is displayed on my
Double-click the picture to display
the Picture Tools Format tab.
value entered
in Shape Width
box may change
slightly to preserve
second dog
picture inserted
and resized
What if the contents of the Shape
Height box are not selected?
Triple-click the Shape Height box.
the contents in the box, type 2.73
as the width, and then click the
picture to apply the settings.
Click the Shape Width box to select
If necessary, scroll up to display the
entire document in the window
(Figure 1–51).
Figure 1–51
Why did my measurements change slightly?
Depending on relative measurements, the height and width values entered may change
Other Ways
1. Right-click picture, enter
shape height and width
values in boxes on shortcut
2. Right-click picture, click
Size and Position on
shortcut menu, click Size
tab (Layout dialog box),
enter shape height and
width values in boxes, click
OK button
To Zoom the Document
You are i nished resizing the graphics and no longer need to view the entire page in
the document window. Thus, the following step changes the zoom back to 100 percent.
Click the Zoom In button on the status bar as many times as necessary until the Zoom
button displays 100% on its face (shown in Figure 1–52).
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