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Enhancing the Page
Click the Picture Effects button (Picture Tools Format tab | Picture Styles group) to display
the Picture Effects menu again and then point to 3-D Rotation on the Picture Effects menu
to display the 3-D Rotation gallery.
Click Off Axis 2 Left (rightmost rotation in second row) in the Parallel area in the 3-D
Rotation gallery to apply the picture effect to the selected picture.
Click to the right of the picture to deselect it (Figure 1–56).
picture style and
picture effects
applied to picture
For a complete list of
the BTWs found in the
margins of this topic,
visit the Word 2010
BTW Web page (scsite
Figure 1–56
Enhancing the Page
Centering Page
Contents Vertically
You can center page
contents vertically
between the top and
bottom margins. To do
this, click the Page Setup
Dialog Box Launcher
(Page Layout tab | Page
Setup group), click the
Layout tab (Page Setup
dialog box), click the
Vertical alignment box
arrow, click Center in
the list, and then click
the OK button.
With the text and graphics entered and formatted, the next step is to look at the page
as a whole and determine if it looks i nished in its current state. As you review the page,
answer these questions:
Does it need a page border to frame its contents, or would a page border make it
look too busy?
Is the spacing between paragraphs and graphics on the page adequate? Do any
sections of text or graphics look as if they are positioned too closely to the items
above or below them?
You determine that a graphical, color-coordinated border would enhance the
l yer. You also notice that the l yer would look more proportionate if it had a little more
space above and below the pictures. The following pages make these enhancements
to the l yer.
To View One Page
Earlier in this chapter, you changed the zoom using the Zoom Out and Zoom In buttons on the status bar. If
you want to display an entire page as large as possible in the document window, Word can compute the correct zoom
percentage for you. The next steps display a single page in its entirety in the document window as large as possible.
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