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Correcting Errors and Revising a Document
To Insert Text in an Existing Document
Word inserts text to the left of the insertion point. The text to the right of the insertion point moves to the
right and downward to i t the new text. The following steps insert the word, very, to the left of the word, early, in
the l yer.
Scroll through the document and
then click to the left of the location
of text to be inserted (in this case,
the e in early) to position the
insertion point where text should
be inserted (Figure 1– 63).
zoom is 100%
Figure 1–63
very and then press the
SPACEBAR to insert the word to the left
of the insertion point (Figure 1– 64).
Why did the text move to the
right as I typed?
In Word, the default typing mode
is insert mode , which means as you
type a character, Word moves all the
characters to the right of the typed
character one position to the right.
Figure 1–64
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