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Correcting Errors and Revising a Document
Drag the dotted insertion point
to the location where the selected
text is to be moved, as shown in
Figure 1– 67.
selected text to be
dropped at location of
dotted insertion point
Figure 1–67
Release the mouse button to move
the selected text to the location
of the dotted insertion point
(Figure 1– 68).
What if I accidentally drag text to
the wrong location?
Click the Undo button on the Quick
Access Toolbar and try again.
Can I use drag-and-drop editing to
move any selected item?
Yes, you can select words,
sentences, phrases, and graphics
and then use drag-and-drop
editing to move them.
Paste Options button
automatically appears
when you drag and drop
text or other objects
selected text
What is the purpose of the Paste
Options button?
If you click the Paste Options button,
a menu appears that allows you
to change the format of the item
that was moved. The next chapter
discusses the Paste Options menu.
Figure 1–68
Click anywhere in the document
window to remove the selection
from the bulleted item.
Other Ways
1. Click Cut button (Home
tab | Clipboard group),
click where text or object
is to be pasted, click
Paste button (Home tab |
Clipboard group)
2. Right-click selected text,
click Cut on shortcut menu,
right-click where text or
object is to be pasted, click
Keep Source Formatting
on shortcut menu
3. Press CTRL + X , position
insertion point where text
or object is to be pasted,
press CTRL + V
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