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Chapter Summary
To Quit Word
Printed Borders
If one or more of your
borders do not print, click
the Page Borders button
(Page Layout tab | Page
Background group), click
the Options button (Borders
and Shading dialog box),
click the Measure from
box arrow and click Text,
change the four text boxes
to 15 pt, and then click
the OK button in each
dialog box. Try printing
the document again. If the
borders still do not print,
adjust the text boxes in the
dialog box to a number
smaller than 15 point.
The project now is complete. Thus, the following steps quit Word. For an example
of the step listed below, refer to the Ofi ce 2010 and Windows 7 chapter at the beginning
of this topic.
If you have one Word document open, click the Close button on the right side of the title
bar to close the document and quit Word; or if you have multiple Word documents open,
click File on the Ribbon to open the Backstage view and then click Exit in the Backstage
view to close all open documents and quit Word.
If a Microsoft Word dialog box appears, click the Save button to save any changes made to
the document since the last save.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you have learned how to enter text in a document, format text, insert a picture, format a picture, add
a page border, and print a document. The items listed below include all the new Word skills you have learned in this
1. Start Word (WD 4)
2. Type Text (WD 6)
3. Display Formatting Marks (WD 7)
4. Insert a Blank Line (WD 7)
5. Wordwrap Text as You Type (WD 8)
6. Check Spelling and Grammar as You Type (WD 9)
7. Save a Document (WD 12)
8. Center a Paragraph (WD 14)
9. Select a Line (WD 15)
10. Change the Font Size of Selected Text (WD 16)
11. Change the Font of Selected Text (WD 17)
12. Change the Case of Selected Text (WD 18)
13. Apply a Text Effect to Selected Text (WD 19)
14. Shade a Paragraph (WD 20)
15. Select Multiple Lines (WD 21)
16. Bullet a List of Paragraphs (WD 22)
17. Undo and Redo an Action (WD 23)
18. Italicize Text (WD 24)
19. Color Text (WD 25)
20. Use the Mini Toolbar to Format Text (WD 26)
21. Select a Group of Words (WD 27)
22. Underline Text (WD 27)
23. Bold Text (WD 28)
24. Change Theme Colors (WD 28)
25. Save an Existing Document with the Same File
Name (WD 30)
26. Insert a Picture (WD 31)
27. Zoom the Document (WD 33)
28. Resize a Graphic (WD 34)
29. Resize a Graphic by Entering Exact Measurements
(WD 36)
30. Apply a Picture Style (WD 37)
31. Apply Picture Effects (WD 38)
32. View One Page (WD 40)
33. Add a Page Border (WD 41)
34. Change Spacing before and after a Paragraph
(WD 44)
35. Quit Word (WD 44)
36. Open a Document from Word (WD 45)
37. Insert Text in an Existing Document (WD 46)
38. Delete Text (WD 47)
39. Move Text (WD 47)
40. Change Document Properties (WD 49)
41. Print a Document (WD 51)
If you have a SAM 2010 user proi le, your instructor may have assigned an autogradable
version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at
to download the instruction and start i les.
Quick Reference
For a table that lists how to complete the tasks covered in this
book using the mouse, Ribbon, shortcut menu, and keyboard, see
the Quick Reference Summary at the back of this topic, or visit the
Word 2010 Quick Reference Web page (
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