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10. Italicize the word, every, in the paragraph below the headline. Undo this change and then redo the
11. Select the three lines (paragraphs) of text above the signature line and add bullets to the selected
12. Switch the last two bulleted paragraphs. That is, select the Questions bullet and move it so that it is
the last bulleted paragraph.
13. Bold the i rst word of each bulleted paragraph. Change the font color of these same three words to
Dark Green, Accent 4, Darker 50%.
14. Bold the text in the signature line. Shade the signature line Dark Green, Accent 4, Darker 50%. If
the font color does not automatically change to a lighter color, change it to a shade of white.
15. Change the zoom so that the entire page is visible in the document window.
16. Insert the picture of the buffalo centered on the blank line below the headline. The picture is called
Buffalo and is available on the Data Files for Students. Apply the Snip Diagonal Corner, White
picture style to the inserted picture. Apply the glow called Dark Green, 5 pt glow, Accent color 4 to
the picture.
17. Change the spacing after
the headline paragraph to
6 point.
18. The entire l yer now should
i t on a single page. If it
l ows to two pages, resize the
picture or decrease spacing
before and after paragraphs
until the entire l yer text i ts
on a single page.
19. Change the zoom to text
width, then page width,
then 100% and notice the
20. Enter the text, Twin
Creeks, as the keywords in
the document properties.
Change the other document
properties, as specii ed by
your instructor.
21. Click File on the Ribbon
and then click Save As.
Save the document
using the i le name, Apply
1-1 Buffalo Photo Shoot
Flyer Formatted.
22. Print the document.
Submit the revised
document, shown in
Figure 1– 75, in the
format specii ed by
your instructor.
23. Quit Word.
Figure 1–75
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