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Extend Your Knowledge
Extend Your Knowledge
Extend the skills you learned in this chapter and experiment with new skills. You may need to
use Help to complete the assignment.
Modifying Text and Picture Formats and Adding Page Borders
Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use the Data Files for Students. See the
inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for Students, or contact
your instructor for information about accessing the required i les.
Instructions: Start Word. Open the document, Extend 1-1 TVC Cruises Flyer, from the Data Files for
Students. You will enhance the look of the l yer shown in Figure 1– 76. Hint: Remember, if you make
a mistake while formatting the picture, you can reset it by clicking the Reset Picture button or Reset
Picture button arrow (Picture Tools Format tab | Adjust group).
Perform the following tasks:
1. Use Help to learn about the following formats: remove bullets, grow font, shrink font, art page
borders, decorative underline(s), picture bullets, picture border shading, shadow picture effects, and
color saturation and tone.
2. Remove the bullet from the paragraph below the picture.
3. Select the text, 10 percent,
and use the Grow Font
button to increase its font
4. Add an art page border to
the l yer. If the border is
not in color, add color to it.
5. Change the solid underline
below the word, cruises, to a
decorative underline. Change
the color of the underline.
6. Change the style of the
bullets to picture bullet(s).
7. Change the color of the
picture border. Add a
shadow picture effect to the
8. Change the color saturation
and color tone of the picture.
9. Change the document
properties, including
keywords, as specii ed by
your instructor. Save the
revised document with a
new i le name and then
submit it in the format
specii ed by your instructor.
add art page border
change border
color and add
shadow effect;
change color
saturation and
color tone
remove bullet
use Grow Font
button to
increase font size
change underline
style and color
change to
Figure 1–76
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