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In Depth Information
Cases and Places
15. Resize the picture so that it is approximately 3.5"
5.25". Apply the Rotated, White picture
style to the inserted picture. Apply the glow effect called Lavender, 5 pt glow, Accent color
6 to the picture.
16. The entire l yer should i t on a single page. If it l ows to two pages, resize the picture or decrease
spacing before and after paragraphs until the entire l yer text i ts on a single page.
17. Add the page border shown in Figure 1– 79.
18. Change the document properties, including keywords, as specii ed by your instructor. Save the l yer
again with the same i le name. Submit the document, shown in Figure 1– 79, in the format specii ed
by your instructor.
3-pt Lavender,
Accent 6, Lighter
40% page border
body copy
Figure 1–79
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