Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Changing Document Settings
Normal style
selected and
Home tab
Show/Hide ¶
button selected
Quick Style gallery
Right-click Normal in
the Quick Style gallery
(Home tab | Styles
group) to display a
shortcut menu related
to styles (Figure 2–2).
Modify command
Note: To help you locate
screen elements that
are referenced in the
step instructions, such as
buttons and commands,
this topic uses red boxes
to point to these screen
Styles group
Paragraph group
default font and
font size for
Normal style
shortcut menu
zoom percent
Print Layout button
Figure 2– 2
Modify Style dialog box
Click Modify on the
shortcut menu to
display the Modify
Style dialog box
(Figure 2– 3).
style name
current font for
Normal style is
current font size
for Normal style
is 11 point
Figure 2– 3
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