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Changing Document Settings
Headers and Footers
A header is text and graphics that print at the top of each page in a document.
Similarly, a footer is text and graphics that print at the bottom of every page. In Word,
headers print in the top margin one-half inch from the top of every page, and footers
print in the bottom margin one-half inch from the bottom of each page, which meets
the MLA documentation style. In addition to text and graphics, headers and footers can
include document information such as the page number, current date, current time, and
author’s name.
In this research paper, you are to precede the page number with your last name
placed one-half inch from the upper-right edge of each page. The procedures on the
following pages enter your name and the page number in the header, as specii ed by
the MLA documentation style.
The Ribbon and Screen
Word may change how
the groups and buttons
within the groups appear
on the Ribbon, depending
on the computer’s screen
resolution. Thus, your
Ribbon may look different
from the ones in this topic
if you are using a screen
resolution other than
1024 x 768.
To Switch to the Header
To enter text in the header, you instruct Word to edit the header. The following steps switch from editing the
document text to editing the header.
Insert tab
Header button
Header & Footer group
Header gallery
Click Insert on the
Ribbon to display the
Insert tab.
button (Insert tab |
Header & Footer
group) to display
the Header gallery
(Figure 2– 8).
Can I use a built-in
header for this
research paper?
None of the built-in
headers adheres to the
MLA documentation
style. Thus, you enter
your own header
content, instead
of using a built-in
header, for this
research paper.
Click the Header
list of built-in
(predei ned)
clicking down
scroll arrow
displays more
built-in headers
Edit Header
command allows
you to dei ne
your own header
Remove Header command
deletes header contents
from entire document
Figure 2– 8
How would I remove a header from a document?
You would click Remove Header in the Header gallery (shown in Figure 2 – 8). Similarly,
to remove a footer, you would click Remove Footer in the Footer gallery.
Click the down scroll arrow in the Header gallery to see the available built-in headers.
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