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Typing the Research Paper Text
Acknowledge all sources of information; do not plagiarize.
Not only is plagiarism unethical,
but it is considered an academic crime that can have severe punishments such as failing a
course or being expelled from school.
When you summarize, paraphrase (rewrite information in your own words), present
facts, give statistics, quote exact words, or show a map, chart, or other graphical image,
you must acknowledge the source. Information that commonly is known or accessible to
the audience constitutes common knowledge and does not need to be acknowledged. If,
however, you question whether certain information is common knowledge, you should
document it — just to be safe.
To Enter Name and Course Information
As discussed earlier in this chapter, the MLA documentation style does not require
a separate title page for research papers. Instead, place your name and course information
in a block at the top of the page, below the header, at the left margin. The following steps
enter the name and course information in the research paper.
Type Annalisa Marino as the student name and then press the ENTER key.
Date Formats
The MLA documentation
style prefers the
day-month-year (4 April
2012) or month-day-year
(April 4, 2012) format.
Type Mr. Winters as the instructor name and then press the ENTER key.
Type English 101 as the course name and then press the ENTER key.
Type April 4, 2012 as the paper due date and then press the ENTER key (Figure 2–14).
student name
entered on line 1
instructor name
entered on line 2
one blank line is
displayed each time you
press ENTER key because
text is double-spaced
course name
entered on line 3
paper due date
entered on line 4
insertion point
Figure 2– 14
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