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Typing the Research Paper Text
To First-Line Indent Paragraphs
The i rst line of each paragraph in the research paper is to be indented one-half inch from the left margin. You
can use the horizontal ruler, usually simply called the ruler , to indent just the i rst line of a paragraph, which is called
a i rst-line indent .
The left margin on the ruler contains two triangles above a square. The First Line Indent marker is the
top triangle at the 0" mark on the ruler (Figure 2–18). The bottom triangle is discussed later in this chapter. The
small square at the 0" mark is the Left Indent marker. The Left Indent marker allows you to change the entire
left margin, whereas the First Line Indent marker indents only the i rst line of the paragraph. The following steps
i rst-line indent paragraphs in the research paper.
With the insertion point on the
paragraph mark below the research
paper title, point to the First
Line Indent marker on the ruler
(Figure 2 18).
First Line Indent
Left Indent Marker
insertion point
Figure 2– 18
First Line Indent
marker at .5" mark
on ruler
Drag the First Line Indent marker
to the .5" mark on the ruler to
display a vertical dotted line in the
document window, which indicates
the proposed location of the i rst
line of the paragraph (Figure 2–19).
as you drag
marker on ruler,
vertical dotted line
indicates proposed
location of indent
Figure 2– 19
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