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Typing the Research Paper Text
To AutoCorrect as You Type
As you type, you may make typing, spelling, capitalization, or grammar errors. For this reason, Word provides
an AutoCorrect feature that automatically corrects these kinds of errors as you type them in the document. For
example, if you type ahve, Word automatically changes it to the correct spelling, have, when you press the spacebar
or a punctuation mark key such as a period or comma.
Word has predei ned many commonly misspelled words, which it automatically corrects for you. The
following steps intentionally misspell the word, the, as teh to illustrate the AutoCorrect feature.
Press the
of the next sentence,
misspelling the word,
the, as follows:
The answer is
a process that
determines teh
(Figure 2– 22).
Type the beginning
insertion point
immediately follows
last character in
misspelled word
beginning of
sentence entered
misspelled word
Figure 2– 22
Press the
and watch Word
automatically correct
the misspelled word.
as soon as you press SPACEBAR,
Word detects misspelling and
corrects misspelled word
Type the rest
of the sentence
(Figure 2– 23):
location of
an object by
measuring the
angles from
two or more
fixed points.
rest of sentence entered
Figure 2– 23
To Use the AutoCorrect Options Button
When you position the mouse pointer on text that Word automatically corrected, a small blue box appears
below the text. If you point to the small blue box, Word displays the AutoCorrect Options button. When you click
the AutoCorrect Options button , Word displays a menu that allows you to undo a correction or change how
Word handles future automatic corrections of this type. The steps on the next page illustrate the AutoCorrect
Options button and menu.
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