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Typing the Research Paper Text
source changed to Article
in a Periodical
If necessary, click the Type of Source
box arrow (Create Source dialog
box) and then click Article in a
Periodical, so that the list shows
i elds required for a magazine
Type of Source
box arrow
Click the Author text box. Type
Jains, Malila as the author.
list changed to
rel ect i elds
required for a
source information
entered in text boxes
Click the Title text box. Type
Surveyors Measure and
Calculate Angles as the
article title.
Press the
TAB key and then type
Today’s Modern Surveyor
as the periodical title.
OK button
Press the
TAB key and then type
2012 as the year.
Figure 2– 31
Press the
TAB key and then type Mar. as the month.
Press the
TAB key twice and then type 30-48 as the pages (Figure 2– 31).
Click the OK button to close the
dialog box, create the source, and
insert the citation in the document
at the location of the insertion point
(Figure 2 32).
insertion point
citation inserted in text
Figure 2– 32
To Edit a Citation
In the MLA documentation style, if a source has page numbers, you should include them in the citation. Thus,
Word provides a means to enter the page numbers to be displayed in the citation. The following steps edit a citation,
so that the page numbers appear in it.
Citation Options menu
Click somewhere in the citation to
be edited, in this case somewhere
in (Jains), which selects the citation
and displays the Citation Options
box arrow.
Edit Citation
command to be
Citation Options
box arrow
Click the Citation Options box arrow
citation tab is used to
move citation to different
location in document
to display the Citation Options
menu (Figure 2 33).
What is the purpose of the tab to
the left of the selected citation?
If, for some reason, you wanted to move a citation to a different location in the document,
you would select the citation and then drag the citation tab to the desired location.
citation selected
Figure 2– 33
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