Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Typing the Research Paper Text
Click Edit Citation on
the Citation Options
menu to display the
Edit Citation dialog
Edit Citation
dialog box
page numbers
entered in
text box
30-48 in the
Pages text box (Edit
Citations dialog box)
(Figure 2 34).
OK button
Figure 2– 34
Click the OK button
to close the dialog
box and add the
page numbers
to the citation
in the document
(Figure 2– 35).
citation remains
page numbers
added to citation
Figure 2– 35
Press the
END key to move the insertion point to the end
of the line, which also deselects the citation.
Press the
PERIOD key to end the sentence.
To Enter More Text
Edit a Source
To edit a source, click
somewhere in the citation,
click the Citation Options
box arrow, and then click
Edit Source on the Citation
Options menu to display
the Edit Source dialog
box (which resembles the
Create Source dialog box).
Make necessary changes
and then click the OK
The next step is to continue typing text in the research paper up to the location
of the footnote. The following steps enter this text.
Press the SPACEBAR .
Type the next sentence (Figure 2– 36): The length of the base line
and the two known angles allow a computer or person to
determine the location of a third point.
citation complete
with page numbers
insertion point
Figure 2– 36
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