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Typing the Research Paper Text
To Save an Existing Document with the Same File Name
You have made several modii cations to the document since you last saved it. Thus,
you should save it again. The following step saves the document again.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previously saved i le.
As discussed earlier in this chapter, notes are optional in the MLA documentation
style. If used, content notes elaborate on points discussed in the paper, and bibliographic
notes direct the reader to evaluations of statements in a source or provide a means for
identifying multiple sources. The MLA documentation style specii es that a superscript
(raised number) be used for a note reference mark to signal that a note exists either at
the bottom of the page as a footnote or at the end of the document as an endnote .
In Word, note text can be any length and format. Word automatically numbers
notes sequentially by placing a note reference mark both in the body of the document and
to the left of the note text. If you insert, rearrange, or remove notes, Word renumbers any
subsequent note reference marks according to their new sequence in the document.
To Insert a Footnote Reference Mark
The following step inserts a footnote reference mark in the document at the location of the insertion point and
at the location where the footnote text will be typed.
References tab
Insert Footnote
With the insertion point positioned
as shown in Figure 2 36, click
the Insert Footnote button
(References tab | Footnotes group)
to display a note reference mark
(a superscripted 1) in two places:
(1) in the document window at the
location of the insertion point and
(2) at the bottom of the page where
the footnote will be positioned, just
below a separator line (Figure 2 37).
What if I wanted notes to be
positioned as endnotes instead
of as footnotes?
You would click the Insert Endnote
button (References tab | Footnotes
group), which places the separator
line and the endnote text at the
end of the document, instead of the
bottom of the page containing the
Insert Endnote
Footnotes group
note reference
mark is displayed,
by default,
in document
window and in
note text area
separator line, which automatically is inserted,
divides document text from note text
footnote text will
be typed here
Figure 2– 37
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + ALT + F
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