Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Typing the Research Paper Text
To Enter Footnote Text
The following step types the footnote text to the right of the note reference mark
below the separator line.
Type the footnote text up to the citation: Cordoba and Sarkis state that
electronic theodolites calculate angles automatically and
then send the calculated angles to a computer for analysis
and then press the SPACEBAR .
To Insert a Citation Placeholder
Earlier in this chapter, you inserted a citation and its source at once. Sometimes, you may not have the source
information readily available and would prefer entering it at a later time.
In the footnote, you will insert a placeholder for the citation and enter the source information later. The
following steps insert a citation placeholder.
References tab
Citations & Bibliography group
With the insertion
point positioned as
shown in Figure 2– 38,
click the Insert Citation
button (References
tab | Citations &
Bibliography group)
to display the Insert
Citation menu
(Figure 2– 38).
Insert Citation menu
includes previously
inserted source
Add New Placeholder
footnote text
insertion point
Figure 2– 38
Click Add New Placeholder on the
Placeholder Name dialog box
Insert Citation menu to display the
Placeholder Name dialog box.
Cordoba as the tag name
for the source (Figure 2– 39).
What is a tag name?
A tag name is an identii er that
links a citation to a source. Word
automatically creates a tag name
when you enter a source. When you
create a citation placeholder, enter
a meaningful tag name, which will
appear in the citation placeholder until you edit the source.
tag name entered
OK button
Figure 2– 39
Click the OK button (Placeholder Name dialog box) to close the dialog box and insert the entered tag name in the
citation placeholder in the document.
Press the
PERIOD key to end the sentence.
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