Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Typing the Research Paper Text
Style dialog box
Modify Style dialog box
Click Style on the
Category box arrow
shortcut menu to
display the Style dialog
box. If necessary, click
the Category box
arrow, click All
styles in the
Cagetory list,
and then click
Footnote Text
in the Styles list.
Styles list
changed to 12
Modify button
Text style
Click the Modify
Font Size
box arrow
Double Space button
button (Style dialog
box) to display the
Modify Style dialog
Paragraph command
Preview area lists
formats assigned to
selected style (your
level of detail may
differ depending on
previous settings)
Click the Font Size
Format menu
box arrow (Modify
Style dialog box) to
display the Font Size
list and then click 12
in the Font Size list to
change the font size.
Format button
Click the Double Space
Figure 2– 41
button to change the line spacing.
Click the Format button to display the Format menu (Figure 2– 41).
Paragraph dialog box
Click Paragraph on the
Format menu (Modify
Style dialog box) to
display the Paragraph
dialog box.
Click the Special box
arrow (Paragraph
dialog box) and
then click First line
(Figure 2– 42).
Special box arrow
changed to
First line
OK button
Apply button
OK button
Figure 2– 42
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