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Typing the Research Paper Text
Click Edit Source on
the Citation Options
menu to display the
Edit Source dialog box.
If necessary, click the
Edit Source dialog box
Type of Source box
arrow (Edit Source
dialog box) and then
click Book, so that
the list shows i elds
required for a book.
changed to Book
Type of Source
box arrow
Edit button
Click the Author
text box. Type
Nicolas E.,;
Sarkis, Kara
A. as the author.
What if I do not know
how to punctuate
the author entry so
that Word formats it
Click the Edit button
(Edit Source dialog
box) to the right of
the Author entry
for assistance. For
example, you should
separate multiple
author names with a
semicolon as shown in
this i gure.
source information
entered in text boxes
OK button
Figure 2– 45
Click the Title text box. Type
The Surveyor’s Theodolite Formula as the book title.
Press the
TAB key and then type 2012 as the year.
TAB key and then type Orlando as the city.
Press the
Press the
TAB key and then type Orange County Press as the publisher (Figure 2– 45).
Click the OK button to close the dialog box and create the source.
Other Ways
1. Click Manage Sources
button (References tab |
Citations & Bibliography
group), click placeholder
source in Current List,
click Edit button (Source
Manager dialog box)
For a complete list of the
Q&As found in many of
the step-by-step sequences
in this topic, visit the Word
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