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Typing the Research Paper Text
To Count Words
Often when you write papers, you are required to compose the papers with a minimum number of words.
The minimum requirement for the research paper in this chapter is 325 words. You can look on the status bar
and see the total number of words thus far in a document. For example, Figure 2– 47 shows the research paper
has 236 words, but you are not sure if that count includes the words in your footnote. The following steps display
the Word Count dialog box, so that you can verify the footnote text is included in the count.
Click the Word Count
indicator on the
status bar to display
the Word Count
dialog box.
If necessary, place a
check mark in the
‘Include textboxes,
footnotes and
endnotes’ check box
(Word Count dialog
box) (Figure 2– 47).
ENTER key pressed after
note reference mark
Why do the statistics
in my Word Count
dialog box differ
from Figure 2– 47?
Depending on the
accuracy of your
typing, your statistics
may differ.
Word Count
dialog box
insertion point
be sure check
box is selected
Word Count indicator
shows current word
count is 236
author name removed
from citation and page
number added
Figure 2– 47
Close button
Click the Close button to close the dialog box.
Can I display statistics for just a section of the document?
Yes. Select the section and then click the Word Count indicator on the status bar to display
statistics about the selected text.
Other Ways
1. Click Word Count
button (Review tab |
Prooi ng group)
2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + G
Automatic Page Breaks
As you type documents that exceed one page, Word automatically inserts page
breaks, called automatic page breaks or soft page breaks , when it determines the
text has i lled one page according to paper size, margin settings, line spacing, and other
settings. If you add text, delete text, or modify text on a page, Word recomputes the
location of automatic page breaks and adjusts them accordingly.
Word performs page recomputation between the keystrokes, that is, in between
the pauses in your typing. Thus, Word refers to the automatic page break task as
background repagination . The steps on the next page illustrate Word’s automatic
page break feature.
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