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Creating an Alphabetical Works Cited Page
To properly center the title of the works cited page, you could drag the First Line Indent marker back
to the left margin before centering the paragraph, or you could apply the Normal style to the location of the
insertion point. Recall that you modii ed the Normal style for this document to 12-point Times New Roman
with double-spaced, left-aligned paragraphs that have no space after the paragraphs.
To apply a style to a paragraph, i rst position the insertion point in the paragraph and then apply the style.
The following step applies the modii ed Normal style to the location of the insertion point.
Home tab
Quick Style
Click Home on the
Ribbon to display the
Home tab.
With the insertion
First Line Indent
marker returned
to left margin
point on the
paragraph mark at
the top of page 3
(as shown in
Figure 2–52) even
if Normal is selected,
click Normal in the
Quick Style gallery
(Home tab | Styles
group) to apply the
Normal style to the
paragraph containing
the insertion point
(Figure 2–53).
Normal selected
Styles group
Normal style applied
to paragraph,
removing i rst-line
Figure 2– 53
Other Ways
1. Click Styles Dialog Box
Launcher (Home tab | Styles
group), click desired style in
Styles task pane
2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + S , click
Style Name box arrow in
Apply Styles task pane, click
desired style in list
To Center Text
The next step is to enter the title, Works Cited, centered between the margins of
the paper. The following steps use shortcut keys to format the title.
Press CTRL + E to center the paragraph mark.
For a complete list of
the BTWs found in the
margins of this topic, visit
the Word 2010 BTW Web
page (
Type Works Cited as the title.
Press the ENTER key.
Press CTRL + L to left-align the paragraph mark (shown in Figure 2–54 on the next page).
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