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Creating an Alphabetical Works Cited Page
Click the OK button (Edit Source
dialog box) to close the dialog box.
list of sources
updated, showing
inserted word
If a Microsoft Word dialog box
appears, click its Yes button to
update all occurrences of the source.
Click the Close button (Source
Manager dialog box) to update the
list of sources in the document and
close the dialog box (Figure 2–57).
What if the list of sources in
the document is not updated
Click in the list of sources and then
press the F 9 key, which is the shortcut key to update a i eld.
Figure 2– 57
To Convert a Field to Regular Text
Word may use an earlier version of the MLA documentation style to format the bibliography. The latest
guidelines for the MLA documentation style, for example, state that titles should be italicized instead of underlined,
and each work should identify the source’s publication medium (e.g., Print for printed media, Web for online media,
etc.). If you format or add text to the bibliography, Word automatically will change it back to the Bibliography style’s
predetermined formats when the bibliography i eld is updated. To preserve modii cations you make to the format of
the bibliography, you can convert the bibliography i eld to regular text. Keep in mind, though, once you convert the
i eld to regular text, it no longer is a i eld that can be updated. The following step converts a i eld to regular text.
Click somewhere in the i eld to
select it, in this case, somewhere in
the bibliography (Figure 2–58).
What if the bibliography i eld is not
shaded gray?
Click File on the Ribbon to
open the Backstage view,
click Options in the Backstage
view, click Advanced in the left pane
(Word Options dialog box), scroll to
the ‘Show document content’ area,
click the Field shading box arrow,
click When selected, and then click
the OK button.
insertion point
i eld shaded
gray because
i eld is selected
Figure 2– 58
Why are all the words in the bibliography shaded?
The bibliography i eld consists of all text in the bibliography.
CTRL + SHIFT + F 9 to convert the selected i eld to regular text.
Why did the gray shading disappear?
The bibliography no longer is a i eld, so it is not shaded gray.
Click anywhere in the document to remove the selection from the text.
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